Karambit Talon Stainless Steel Ring Knife Fighting DVD Defense

Karambit Talon Stainless Steel Ring Knife Fighting DVD Defense

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You will be purchasing a Brand NEW Hand Crafted Steel Kalaj Kutter The new Kalaj Kutter Stainless Steel Tanto Talon ring pocket knives are the best self defense item currently available. This knife will deter any assailant (no matter their size)! By dropping your first finger through the hole of your Talon, you are now armed !

* Fits easily in the front watch pocket of a common pair of jeans
* 1 3/4' (false edge) blade
* Crafted from 100% recycled Stainless Steel.

Talon DVD
The Techniques within these works have been combat tested, and extreme caution should be taken when training ! One of the most unique self defense items available now has an instruction video ! It wont matter if your assaulted by larger, armed, or multiple opponents, as long as you have your Kalaj Kutter Talon, you have a fighting chance ! You will learn disarms, how to defend against grabs, stabs, slashes, using all 3 grips, and more ! Learn the subtleties of Multi-Range Combat Science (M.R.C.S.) and fear no more.

Very Important:
It should be known, that this instruction video is considered a "short". While the footage is hardly the best, this DVD has 12 techniques, and the complete run time of this video is about 14 minutes.

Will not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or out of the U.S.