African KUBA Training Sword IKUL Knife Practice IKULA w/ 12 Strike Pattern DVD

African KUBA Training Sword IKUL Knife Practice IKULA w/ 12 Strike Pattern DVD

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You will be purchasing a Brand New Hand Crafted Kalaj Kutter

This Black Ops Kalaj Kutter Sword is a great tool for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of defense (/offense) sword training. These swords are hand crafted from a solid piece of High Density Poly, a high impact strength and high density polymer which has excellent tensile, energy absorption, abrasion resistance, water/ salt resistant, and resistance to stress cracks, so you will be sure to enjoy these Kalaj Kutters for years to come.

* Great feel in the hand
* Crafted from high density poly
* 17 1/2" overall

"I did not design the Black Ops line for contact training,
but they sure can take a beating"

12 strike Pattern DVD
Full force, hard hitting strikes. Using a single sword there are many striking patterns. Finding proper flow with your strikes is the ultimate goal when training single sword or stick. Once you have proper flow, speed and power comes naturally. The 12 strike pattern is the basic when training single sword. Learn the meaning of combat techniques when you train Multi-Range Combat Science.

Very Important:
It should be known, that this instruction video is considered a "short". While the footage is hardly the best, this DVD has 12 techniques, and the complete run time of this video is about 12.5 minutes. With this DVD, the Guru will not waste your time with the long winded explanation.

This is not one of those wimpy "theory" instruction DVDs.
These DVDs are no frill, no "Hollywood production", in your face,
full of pure HARD HITTING full contact combat tested techniques !

Multi-Range Combat Science is a (cut to the chase, economy of motion, get control of the situation) system that has been proven time and again in the street, as well as in competition.

Always wear protection when training with a Kalaj Kutter.

It should be understood that every Kalaj Kutter is hand crafted,
& there will always be slight differences from one piece to another.