Kopis Warrior Sword Spartan 300 Movie Sword Pink

Kopis Warrior Sword Spartan 300 Movie Sword Pink

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Brand New Hand Crafted Kalaj Kutter

Kopis Training Spartan Sword

The Black Ops Kalaj Kutter Kopis Swords are great tools for the beginner, intermediate, or advanced practitioner of defense (/offense) training. These are hand crafted from a solid piece of High Density Poly, a high impact strength and high density polymer which has excellent tensile, energy absorption, abrasion resistance, water/ salt resistant, and resistance to stress cracks, so you will be sure to enjoy these Kalaj Kutters for years to come.

* Hand wrapped handle
* Great feel in the hand
* Crafted from High Density Poly
* 23.5" overall

"I did not design the Black Ops line for contact training,
but they sure can take a beating"

It should be understood that every Kalaj Kutter is hand crafted,
& there will always be slight differences from one piece to another.